Run PHP asynchronously in own threads

When you start a php script it will wait until it is done. Lately I and my customers were facing a huge problem where pictures were uploaded to a gallery web app and the problem was in the thumbnail generation.

The thumbnails were generated as someone opened the gallery (frontend). This resulted in long loading page and sometimes strange errors. Sometimes the page didnt load at all because Apache was working heavily on the thumbnails. Even worse was that the gallery was visited by many people simultaneously. The gallery app created 4 thumbnails out of one image in different sizes.

There are better ways to handle this. I could generate the thumbnails in the backend and show the thumbs on the frontend when they were generated. The problem is that I am using Owncloud as the backend and it is a pain the ass to extend Owncloud… but thats another story.

So, how did I manage to get rid of the problem and make the thumbnail generation fast and non blocking?

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How to add a Logo to Symfony Console Component

Currently I am creating a small console application for AceProject. (Github) I never worked with the Symfony CLI Component (CLI = Command Line Interface) but it works like a charm. You can create your own CLI applications in a breeze. And I already tried other php command line frameworks – most of the frameworks were complicated, complicated in the sense of understanding and creating simple CLI apps. Continue reading “How to add a Logo to Symfony Console Component”

Hubstaff – Timetracking not only for developers

In this post I will write about a time tracker called Hubstaff.

When we work, we need to track the time. (Unless you work on your own projects). I tried many time tracking apps in the last few months and stayed with Hubstaff.

If you used to track time you know that it is not always fun to do. Some webapps are complicated or some lack features. It takes some time to track your time. Hubstaff is a little bit different, here is why: Continue reading “Hubstaff – Timetracking not only for developers”

I need to deal with a difficult coworker

When I started to work fulltime, there were 4 developers (incl. myself) in the company. The first 2 weeks were nice. But then a 5th coworker came back from vacation. I thought there were only 4 devs. From now on The job became a nightmare. This was in the january 2013.

As I first saw him, I knew something is not right with that guy. His appearance was like a combination from a heavy metal guitarist (long hairs), Adolf (choleric, yelling) a clown.. (laughing all the time) and an alcoholic. He was talking all the time to himself, whistling and going to a smoke break every few minutes. Continue reading “I need to deal with a difficult coworker”

Best Windows Desktop Search Tool

Not only as a web developer but everyone needs to search for files. So how do you search for files quickly on windows? You just press on that windows logo and start to type yourdesired file.

And thats OK for most cases, but the problem is that the search is sometimes slow and it wont find files you really need. In my case the windows search even stopped working all together. I tried to fix it but the only one solution was to reinstall windows.

Here I will show you 2 of my favorite tools for findind files on your windows. Continue reading “Best Windows Desktop Search Tool”

First day after vacation

Today was the first day after vacation. One coworker left and another came. We also got a new boss (again, now we have 4 bosses). That boss forces us to have a meeting every Monday morning. We never had any meetings as we managed the information using E-Mail.

And as I expected: That meeting was a waste of time. One hour of sitting around, hearing some crap we already knew. We have also to say what we will do this week. This sounds like SCRUM, which might be useful – but the problem is the whole company sits on the table, not just developers. Continue reading “First day after vacation”

Best MySQL client

As a web developer you need to work with databases a lot. There are many databases and one of the common relational databases is mysql. You can use only a shell by typing “mysql” and start to code… But thats so oldschool. As a webdev you should use a better client for managing databases.

In this article I will show you my experiences with mysql clients for windows. But these will also work on linux with wine. (all tested by myself!). So, which is the best MySQL client for windows / linux? Continue reading “Best MySQL client”

How to become a web developer?

If you want to become a web developer there are many skills you must master. 20 years ago it was just fine if you could create a website in html. Today there are many things you need to know. You can still create a site only in html, (and you should if you just starting) but to make awesome web apps you will need to learn a lot of stuff. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take years to learn the basics and with time you will get more experienced and it will be fun to code. Continue reading “How to become a web developer?”