Hi! My name is Mike.

Wait.. Mike? but what does MilMike mean? Thats just my nickname, it consist of my Surname or my company name and my firstname.

Born in Poland, moved to Germany about 20y ago.

Currently I call myself a fullstack webdeveloper but I started my journey being just a “normal” coder (hey everyone starts somewhere, right?). My adventure started with my first Computer, a Commodore C64. As a kid I wasn’t really interested in games, I wanted to create stuff. Later I fell in love with Desktop app development and I created my first applications for windows which I am selling / developing until today. With time I learned many programming languages and gained more and more experience.

So after about 20 years here I am, with a huge passion for computers and software. All self taught, I didn’t learn the stuff in any school, (I was a comp sci student for few months but dropped out.. it was just boring and a waste of time IMO). So when you ask.

I am an open minded dude and I like to help and learn from others.

I also have some internet marketing experience. I used to have projects that were basically cash cows, until uncle google changed. Today I work full time for a small company in southern Germany. I don’t really like to work as a slave, because this is how it feels right now. My target is to find a better employer and later become independent.

Follow me on this blog to see my journey and my insights.