aiTTS Update Version 1.0.8

I just released a new version of aiTTS. Download the apk file here.

To learn more about aiTTS in detail, go to the aiTTS article page.

What’s new?

Not much, just bug fixing. There was a small bug with the clicking noise in the beginning of each sentence. I didn’t hear the clicks on my phone until someone of you mentioned it to me. Then i heard all these clicks, it was annoying xD. If you still experience these clicking noises, please remove aiTTS completly and install it fresh. I updated it on my phone but the old version was still running.

What was the problem?

I can’t really tell (yet). The mp3 data which comes from google api server is fine (I analyzed it in audacity, no clicking here). my app converts the mp3 to wav file, the wav file is fine too, no clicking noises. Then there was this: At the part where aiTTS sends the audio stream data to the audio tts stream reader of android, it seems to send some garbled data in the few bytes. I could not find out what the data was, maybe some header information? The solution was, I skipped the first bytes until the audio was without clicking noises – 50 first bytes were enough. So the problem lays probably in the conversion from mp3 to wav. Audacity played it just fine, but android doesn’t like the extra data in the beginning. This is how the converted wav file looks like in the beginning:

Converted wav file for aitts

maybe android needs just the raw data without any header info. Will check this out when I have time – but for now it works.

What next?

I implemented a debugging service in aiTTS, called AppCenter. This collects data about the crashes. Same data as like my app would be in the Play Store. I still see some crashes with errors I thought I already fixed. Either some people are using old version or There is still some bug there. Most of the crashes is causing the mp3 library (JavaZoom jlayer) – it says that some “ser” file is missing. No idea how to fix it, the ser file is just few bytes long, it is almost nothing there, I started to include the file as resource… sigh, If anyone of you knows a good and quick way to convert mp3 to pcm wav in Java, just let me know.

BTW, if you have questions or problems, you can currently contact me only on twitter. (my twitter name is @MilMikeDev). I am aware that the form on my contact page is broken -.-

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