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Not only as a web developer but everyone needs to search for files. So how do you search for files quickly on windows? You just press on that windows logo and start to type yourdesired file.

And thats OK for most cases, but the problem is that the search is sometimes slow and it wont find files you really need. In my case the windows search even stopped working all together. I tried to fix it but the only one solution was to reinstall windows.

Here I will show you 2 of my favorite tools for findind files on your windows.

Search Everything

Search Everything is freeware and it finds your files under one second. If you start it for the first time, an index will be created so the first time might be slow. But if it created the index you have a powerful file search engine under your fingers. Any changes to indexed files will be reindexed automatically. For example you delete a file, it will also be deleted from Search Everything index. Same for renaming, moving, copying. Personally I used to write my own search engine and Windows has an file API that allows to monitor for these changes.

Search Everything is comparable to the linux “locate”. But works in own window.  It doesn’t look bloated, just a simple search window but with powerful functions like partial search, regex search, type, etc..


Listary is a similar software to Google Desktop Search. The Google Software was very useful and my favorite software back then, it had a huge potential, I really don’t know why Google discontinued it.

Listary is a global desktop search engine which starts when you double press your CTRL key. It opens a small search bar where you can enter your search string. You can enter a file / directory or even create custom search for websites or own apps. For example when you enter amazon chocolate and press enter, it will open amazon search for chocolate in your browser.

Or do you want to open the console as adminitrator? Simply enter cmda. (a stands for administrator) But as I said you can create own shortcuts to commands and customized searches.

The search index works similar to Search Everything. It is fast (results unter 1 second).

Another cool feature is the “middle click” or “direct type” search. Just in any Windows Explorer window or on your desktop click the middle button on your mouse to open a small menu. It shows you recent locations / files / favorites etc.. Or just start to type to start the search.

Listary has 2 versions: a free (demo version) and a pro with more features. I used Listary free for few weeks but decided to buy the pro (~ 20 $)


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