Be aware of Scaleway

Scaleway is a cloud provider. They provide servers, storage starting of 3 $ per month. I was a customer there for few years. Few weeks ago I left Scaleway.

After you sign up, you login and can quickly create servers (called instances). You can select which Linux and how powerful your instance should be. After the boot up you can sign in into your machine via ssh.

They offer servers starting from 3 $ which are enough for smaller projects and more expensive like for AI machine learning for ~500 $ per month.

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How I run this blog with docker

Lets talk about this blog and how it is running.

My blog is powered by:

  • docker
    • apache
    • php 7
    • wordpress
    • mysql
    • nginx reverse proxy (this maps the domain with a specific docker container)
    • https with letsencrypt (free ssl certificates)
    • http2 protocoll

I will show you how I managed to run this blog using these technologies but before that, you might ask yourself: why? why so “complicated”?

Thats not really complicated. I think it is even much simpler than installing everything from scratch. You don’t have to install apache, php, configure your apache, mysql etc.. the only thing you need is docker and a docker-compose.yml file. And you can quickly migrate to another server or work easily locally with the exact same installation as in production. Thats actually how I work most of the time. Since I discovered docker, I use it for dev and prod.

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