My favorite cli tools (not only) for development

I recently reinstalled one of my dev machine at work and I needed to reinstall stuff I use for web development. So here is the list with tools / scripts I use all the time. These tools are not really intended for developers only, these can be used by anyone working with cli (command line interface)

My dev machine is Linux (currently Kubuntu, that’s Ubuntu with KDE – I like KDE a lot) – most of these tools are also available for Mac and some for Windows.


exa - a replacement for ls

exa is a replacement for the ls command.

    • colors
    • git : shows which files or dirs were modified, created etc.
    • tree view – just add –tree and you get a nice tree view of your files and sub dirs.

you can simply use it by executing “exa” in your terminal, but personally I created an alias in my .zshrc file for “ls”:
ls='exa --long --header --git'

get exa here.

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How to create HTML E-Mail Templates?

Sometimes I need to create a HTML Email template. The customers sends me a Photoshop file, my task is to create a E-Mail template which can be used in Outlook to send E-Mails.

The customer also tells me to create multiple versions where for example the header is same but the content slightly different, eg. multi language content.

The problem with CSS.

You can’t simply embedd a CSS file (at least not in some email clients) so you need to use inline CSS for almost every HTML tag. For example for the “p” tag (paragraph). Then the customer says he wants the p tag a little bit bigger.. so you open all your HTML files and edit the inline CSS for all your P tags. Thats tedious and unproductive.

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My favorite File Manager for Windows

Working as developer requires me to work with a lot of files. The Windows Explorer is OK, you get almost everything done. When you want to be more productive, I recommend you to use something better than Windows Explorer.
My app of choice is “Total Commander” (from now on TC). In this article I will show you some of the awesome features I often use in Total Commander.

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Hubstaff – Timetracking not only for developers

In this post I will write about a time tracker called Hubstaff.

When we work, we need to track the time. (Unless you work on your own projects). I tried many time tracking apps in the last few months and stayed with Hubstaff.

If you used to track time you know that it is not always fun to do. Some webapps are complicated or some lack features. It takes some time to track your time. Hubstaff is a little bit different, here is why:

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Best Windows Desktop Search Tool

Not only as a web developer but everyone needs to search for files. So how do you search for files quickly on windows? You just press on that windows logo and start to type yourdesired file.

And thats OK for most cases, but the problem is that the search is sometimes slow and it wont find files you really need. In my case the windows search even stopped working all together. I tried to fix it but the only one solution was to reinstall windows.

Here I will show you 2 of my favorite tools for findind files on your windows.

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Best MySQL client

As a web developer you need to work with databases a lot. There are many databases and one of the common relational databases is mysql. You can use only a shell by typing “mysql” and start to code… But thats so oldschool. As a webdev you should use a better client for managing databases.

In this article I will show you my experiences with mysql clients for windows. But these will also work on linux with wine. (all tested by myself!). So, which is the best MySQL client for windows / linux?

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