First day after vacation

Today was the first day after vacation. One coworker left and another came. We also got a new boss (again, now we have 4 bosses). That boss forces us to have a meeting every Monday morning. We never had any meetings as we managed the information using E-Mail.

And as I expected: That meeting was a waste of time. One hour of sitting around, hearing some crap we already knew. We have also to say what we will do this week. This sounds like SCRUM, which might be useful – but the problem is the whole company sits on the table, not just developers.

Let see how it goes, for now I just was sitting there and listened.. and I said what I will do this week: coding. (duh). The project management app is full with tasks from various projects.

Vulnerability Test with Acunetix

A coworker also said that 90% of our shitty photo sharing apps was hacked.


Ha… what a surprise. I told my boss 2 years ago we should rewrite the apps from scratch but without any security holes, but the boss said: “nah.. who will pay for this?” So today we got that memo that the projects were hacked few days ago.


Fortunately this will be task for my new coworker hey said… I don’t care. I would say that I already created a new photo sharing site which is secure and fast, and looks awesome. But I changed my mind, I will code it for myself and sell it on my own soon.

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