How to become a web developer?

If you want to become a web developer there are many skills you must master. 20 years ago it was just fine if you could create a website in html. Today there are many things you need to know. You can still create a site only in html, (and you should if you just starting) but to make awesome web apps you will need to learn a lot of stuff. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take years to learn the basics and with time you will get more experienced and it will be fun to code.

There are basically 3 categories:

  • Frontend: You make the Project beautiful.
  • Backend: You add the soul to your code.
  • Dev-Ops: You bring the project to the user.

What should you learn? I would say, learn from every world a little bit and decide later where you want to become pro. Personally I am a backend dev  but I also like to play with frontend stuff and use linux servers all the time.

Web Development (and development in general) is a always learning adventure. All the technologies are changing so fast. Personally I never master a technology 100%. It would be insane to just learn every single function in PHP. The key is to get an overview and at least know the basics.

Such an overview you can find here:

Can I learn web development at school?

There might be courses that teach you web development or coding in general. Personally I am not a fan of schools. There might be good schools / classes out there but from my experience the schools teach you only the basics and most of them are already out dated. I recommend you to grab a good fresh ebook or learn from youtube videos.

If you have a little bit of experience try to build something useful. Think of a project that people might love or even buy. Start small and work on it day by day a little bit. After few weeks your projects could be good enough to launch.

Good sources for learning web development.

As I said, youtube is a good starting point. There are thousands of videos where you can learn web dev from scratch. I can also recommend online courses like Udemy or Udacity.

Starting your web dev journey is easy. All you need is a computer and a code editor and a little bit time. The key is to start somewhere and develop a desire for more. With time coding will become like a drug. 😉

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