aiTTS Update Version 1.0.8

I just released a new version of aiTTS. Download the apk file here.

To learn more about aiTTS in detail, go to the aiTTS article page.

What’s new?

Not much, just bug fixing. There was a small bug with the clicking noise in the beginning of each sentence. I didn’t hear the clicks on my phone until someone of you mentioned it to me. Then i heard all these clicks, it was annoying xD. If you still experience these clicking noises, please remove aiTTS completly and install it fresh. I updated it on my phone but the old version was still running.

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aiTTS – Google Wavenet Voices for Android TTS

aiTTS, Artificial intelligence text to speech engine for android

Google TTS Wavenet voices for Android (Text to speech engine).

I read a lot of ebooks. The problem is that I get tired easily. Listening to ebooks is better for me. I use Google Books Text to speech feature all the time. It works nice, but the voices are terrible.

I even bought some premium TTS engines like from Acapela. It is bearable but lets get stright. These voices still sound like robots. OK for navigation apps but annoying for ebooks.

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