My favorite cli tools (not only) for development

I recently reinstalled one of my dev machine at work and I needed to reinstall stuff I use for web development. So here is the list with tools / scripts I use all the time. These tools are not really intended for developers only, these can be used by anyone working with cli (command line interface)

My dev machine is Linux (currently Kubuntu, that’s Ubuntu with KDE – I like KDE a lot) – most of these tools are also available for Mac and some for Windows.


exa - a replacement for ls

exa is a replacement for the ls command.

    • colors
    • git : shows which files or dirs were modified, created etc.
    • tree view – just add –tree and you get a nice tree view of your files and sub dirs.

you can simply use it by executing “exa” in your terminal, but personally I created an alias in my .zshrc file for “ls”:
ls='exa --long --header --git'

get exa here.

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